Visioning Your New Life - Dina Glouberman

Visioning Your New Life - Dina Glouberman

14 Jul 16:00 - 21 Jul 19:00 - Skýros
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HW3: Visioning Your New Life

Are the winds of change blowing in your life? What are they whispering? Are you willing to listen? If so, this course is for you.

You may be feeling burnt out, stressed, or stuck. Or you may be confronting crisis or change. Either way, such times demand that you step forward into a bigger picture of who you are and where you are going.

An interesting spiritual tradition says that when we are living our everyday lives in an everyday way, the soul just rests or even sleeps. But when we are in crisis, or looking for change, or wrestling with something that our ordinary mind doesn't quite know how to deal with, the soul wakes up. And then life begins to move to a whole new level.

Is this what you’ve been yearning for? If so, you need to stop, listen to your soul’s whispers, look at what reality is telling you, find out where you want to go, and then get to a Yes. This is what Visioning Your New Life will help you do.

Saying Yes is a commitment to take whatever is brewing within you and around you into a new behaviour, a new attitude, or a new way of life. An unqualifiedYes sets the next stage into motion, opening you to the intuitions, research, actions, and persistence in the face of difficulties that make it possible to vision and create your new life.

In this course we will be working with imagery and visualisation to:

Recognise the catalyst that can start you moving in a new direction
Get a vision of the future that would be right for you
Say Yes
Map out the steps to your new future, and take a leap of faith into a new reality.
This is also a crash course in working with your ‘genius imagination’ so that you can be your own therapist and wise consultant every day of your life.

Since you are what you imagine, if where you are is not where you want to be, why not learn to imagine better?

This course is suitable for complete beginners in imagery and visualisation as well as for those who are experienced in using this approach.

Prepare to be surprised. Your images by their very nature don’t always tell you what you expect; rather they will show you what you know deep down inside but haven’t yet told yourself, and they always point the way to transformation.

You will be able to emerge from this course with the clarity and confidence to take your next step in life. You will also have a magic box of tools, indeed a new way of thinking, that you can use to understand, protect, and guide yourself, not just during the workshop but for the rest of your life.

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