7th International Symposium on Transparent Conductive Materials

7th International Symposium on Transparent Conductive Materials

14 Oct 17:00 - 19 Oct 20:00 - Plataniás
Minoa Palace Resort


Over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth of interest in both fundamental research and device applications based on Transparent Conductive Materials (TCMs).

This unique class of fascinating wide band-gap materials is gaining a variety of cutting-edge applications in the fields of, among others, solar cells, gas sensors, electrochromic, thermochromic and smart windows, in architectural coatings as well as in organic light-emitting diodes, liquid crystal and high definition displays in which they are regarded as the main candidates for the forthcoming “post-Si” electronics era.

Driven by the tremendous worldwide research activities that range from fundamental physics to materials fabrication and TCM-based device development, the International Board Members of TCM (former TCO), following the success of the past six conferences, have decided on the organization of the follow-up TCM2018 Conference at the same attractive location of Crete in October 14 – 19, 2018.

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