Breathe- A Greek Island Journey into Calm Awareness with Cindy

Breathe- A Greek Island Journey into Calm Awareness with Cindy

07 Apr 16:00 - 13 Apr 19:00 - Amorgós

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Our experience of this life and our bodies and minds is an adventure where we have the opportunity to learn and grow if we choose. On that journey, sometimes we have so many things we juggle that life becomes a blur of reacting, instead of mindful and purposeful conscious decisions. Conscious living and being present in compassion with those we love is what brings beauty and a powerful joy to life.

Join Cindy Johannessen for an amazing life travel experience where we will explore:
-Breath and how our conscious management of breathing techniques can help us balance our energy when we are anywhere from slightly stressed out to an out and out fight or flight state.

-Practicing taking a pause between an experience, our emotion, and our reactions
-Connecting to the emotions we experience in a conscious way
-Calming the nervous system
-Using mindfulness to appraise the emotion and the experience and understand why we experience the reactions we do
-Actively choosing to own the emotional reaction and its physical consequences (hopefully choosing to embrace reactions that bring us joy)
-Or actively choosing to process information in a new and different way. (For those reactions that no longer serve us – when the consequences steal our joy.)
-All of this while on a beautiful Greek island, next to the ocean, with amazing food and GREAT company!!

6 Nights Accommodations
2 Whole Foods Meals Each Day (breakfast and dinner)
Round-Trip Group Transport to/from the Airport
Daily Yoga Practices
Personal Retreat Time (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)

Cindy discovered yoga after sustaining overuse injuries from playing soccer. Although she originally thought it would be a great option to encouraging her to work on flexibility; the first class expanded her understanding and proved to be an excellent and beautiful blend of strength, stretch, aerobic, mental and spiritual work and she was immediately hooked.

Cindy has been teaching actively since 2002 when she received her 200hrs in Costa Rica and has had the opportunity to follow and learn from Dr. Ray Long, Shiva Rea, Beth Shaw, Unnata Aerial Training, and Paul Grilley, among others.

Because of her own yoga journey, Cindy loves to teach with a strong awareness of the physical, neurological, and physiological interactions in the body that occur with the combination of breathing, awareness, and movement. Her goal in every class is to draw a picture of present moment sensation and awareness, as well as be on a journey with her fellow yogi’s and yogini’s in the class, as they find their personal expression of the poses and vinyasas.

This beautifully designed, family run hotel is nestled on the cliffs of a quiet and peaceful Greek Island. Conveniently located near the bay and within walking distance of sandy beaches. Every room has simple, elegant decor and boasts views of the sea. The hundreds of reviews comment that the staff is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and super helpful and most guests leave feeling like they have made new friends. Their chefs provide healthy, gourmet meals that incorporate fresh organic produce from their garden. They offer full services, from spa to gym to pool. Come and enjoy an authentic Greek experience.

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